We export the washed and unwashed (sun-dried) of Arabic coffee bearing different grades depending on the request of our customers. We are committed to producing quality product and service. We work towards assuring quality service to our customers in a professional manner. Accordingly, make sure that quality coffee is delivered based on the standard that the customers are requiring.


Yirgacheffe Grade 2


Sidamo Grade 2


Guji Grade 2


Limu Grade 2


Teppi Grade 2


Bebeka Grade 2


Yirgacheffe Grade 4 & 5


Sidamo Grade 4 & 5


Lekempti Grade 4 & 5


Djimmah Grade 4 & 5


Bale Grade 4 & 5


Harar Grade 4 & 5



Yirgacheffe Grade 1


Sidamo Grade 1


Guji Grade 1


Shakisso Grade 1


Limu Grade 1


Yirgacheffe Grade 1 & 3


Sidamo Grade 1 & 3


Guji Grade 1 & 3


kochere Grade 1 & 3


  • Substantive knowledge of the coffee industries from the processing level to the end product.
  • Ownership of large and some of the best-managed coffee processing industries in the country.
  • The company has it's own transportation from the interior to Addis Ababa & from Addis Ababa to Djibouti
  • Availability and access to financial resources.
  • The Company has very good management with a focus on quality, with Q grading's in its production, committed staff, systems, and overall work ethics
  • Conforming to our motto "serving coffee to the world", we will have through well-researched market studies continually strengthened of the highest quality and consistency at very competitive prices as required.
  • Blonza moves into a new phase of international trade, with a focus on its core business, supplemented by interests in the production and packaging of its own coffee.